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              Drilling & Production Riser

SDI supplies the DSAW Primary Tube, 41XX Choke & Kill Liines,304 and 2205 Stainless Hydraulic Lines as well as Forged Box/Pin Connectors. Please click on the underlined product that you are interested in to find out more!

                      Mechanical Tube

SDI carries 41XX, 43XX and 86XX Mechanical Tube from many differnt sources. Our supply partners are located all over the world. We have domestic sources, European and Eastern European sources as well as Asia and the South Pacific sources . Click on the link above to see our tubung options.

Steel Distributors International
Specialty Oilfield Metals
             13CR and Specialty OCTG

SDI supplies Corrosion Resistant grades of Production Tube and OCTG. Chrome, Stainless and Nickel Based Alloys are available. Please contact a sales professional or click on the product of choice for more information


SDI offers finished, semi-finished or rough machined forgings from Japan. Oou supply partner is an ISO certified manufacturer with an integrated process from melt to finish machine. Please ask our sales professionals or click the link above for more information.